Chicago Rooftop Deck Design & Urban Landscaping Services

Centrally located at the heart of Lincoln Park, we’ve got a deep understanding of of rooftop deck design and urban landscapes. We bring a boutique approach to the table that leaves room to accommodate your imagination and allows us to devote the kind of personalized attention your space deserves.

Porcelain Perfection - Chicago Rooftop Deck Design Services - Green Roof Deck

Chicago Rooftop Deck Design and Construction for Homeowners

We work closely with homeowners to create a plan and design that matches your unique style and budget. Whether you are looking for a garage roof deck or a penthouse green rooftop, we can help you through every step.

Porcelain Perfection - Chicago Rooftop Deck Design Services - Green Roof Deck

Chicago Rooftop Deck Design for General Contractors & Developers

As part of a larger project, we help property developers and general contractors develop outdoor spaces that fit their creative vision. Whether you need structural shades, tile work, furniture and appliances, or rooftop landscaping, our team can help.

Lakefront Luxury - Chicago Rooftop Deck Design Services - Green Roof Deck

Chicago Rooftop Deck Design Services for Building Architects & Interior Designers

We are experts in outdoor design and construction, and we love working alongside building architects and interior designers as a knowledge resource. We are happy to lend our expertise during the design phase or during construction.

Timeless - Chicago Rooftop Deck Design Services - Green Roof Deck

Chicago Green Rooftop Decks for Property Managers & Condo Associations

We have extensive experience working with condo associations and property managers, along with shared business common spaces. We understand the nuances of working with a shared budget and the wants and needs of a shared space.

Timeless - Garden Landscape Designer Chicago

Landscape Design

Our visionary landscape designers work directly with you to create a design that optimizes your space and enhances your lifestyle.

Hardscaping Services in Chicago - Brick Patio with Landscaping

Hardscape Design

Our professional, full-service design/build company, with it’s highly skilled craftsman and designers, can execute any hardscape project.

Chicago Rooftop Deck - Terrace to the Sky


Our personalized maintenance program implemented by seasoned gardeners and professionally trained designers will improve and preserve the integrity of the landscape.

Seasonal Planting - Landscape Design Services Chicago

Seasonal Planting

Our talented designers will transform your annual containers and planting beds into stunning seasonal arrangements.

Why Choose Botanical Concepts Chicago For Your Rooftop Deck Design?

While other top-tier landscape design companies spend their returns on advertising and business expansion, we’ve stayed firmly planted in the Chicago landscape design marketplace because we truly love what we do. We’ve enjoyed sticking to our roots with the same humble, boutique approach we’ve been applying to our projects for years. No matter how large the undertaking, we feel that the best way to achieve the results we seek is through personalized attention, creativity, and execution.

Rooftop Deck Design Services: Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Botanical Concepts Chicago is your premier destination for exquisite rooftop deck design services. Discover the perfect blend of luxury and functionality as we transform your rooftop into a breathtaking outdoor oasis.

Our expert team specializes in crafting rooftop decks that not only enhance your property’s value but also provide an enchanting escape from the urban hustle. 

Rooftop Deck Design in Chicago, IL

Rooftop deck design is the creative process of conceptualizing, planning, and executing a captivating outdoor living space in an often overlooked area. Transforming your rooftop into a haven of relaxation, entertainment, and aesthetic beauty. A well-designed rooftop deck seamlessly combines architectural innovation, landscaping, and comfortable furnishings to create a space that offers panoramic views and an unparalleled atmosphere.

Our Process

At Botanical Concepts Chicago, we follow a comprehensive and client-centric approach to bring your dream rooftop deck to life. Our process is designed to ensure that every aspect of your vision is captured and executed with precision:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    Our journey begins with a thorough consultation where we listen to your ideas, preferences, and objectives. We discuss your desired functionalities, style preferences, and any specific features you envision for your rooftop deck.
  2. Site Assessment:
    Our experts conduct a detailed site assessment to understand the structural integrity of your rooftop, its load-bearing capacity, and any existing infrastructure. This step is crucial for ensuring the safety and feasibility of the design.
  3. Conceptualization and Design:
    Based on the gathered information, we craft a custom design that aligns with your vision. This includes layout plans, material selections, plantings, seating arrangements, and any special additions like pergolas, firepits, or outdoor kitchens.
  4. Material Selection:
    We curate a range of premium materials that not only elevate the aesthetic of your rooftop deck but also withstand the elements. From durable decking materials to weather-resistant furniture, every element is chosen with longevity and elegance in mind.
  5. Budgeting:
    Our team provides a detailed breakdown of the project costs, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the process. We work closely with you to stay within your budget while delivering remarkable results.
  6. Approval and Construction:
    Once the design and budget are approved, our skilled craftsmen and contractors get to work. We meticulously follow the design plan, adhering to industry best practices and local regulations.
  7. Finishing Touches:
    As the construction phase nears completion, we focus on adding the finishing touches that truly define the character of your rooftop deck. This includes lighting, landscaping, furnishing arrangement, and decorative elements.
  8. Final Reveal:
    The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives as we unveil your transformed rooftop deck. Our team ensures that every detail is perfect, and we walk you through the features and functionalities of your new outdoor haven.

Elevate Your Rooftop Lifestyle with Botanical Concepts Chicago.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and embark on a journey to create a rooftop deck that reflects your style, enhances your property, and offers an escape unlike any other.

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