Planning Your Year Round Garden

Creating a beautiful year round garden requires a bit of planning. Creative planning can keep your landscape thriving and colorful no matter the season.

Four Season Garden Planner

The first step to planning any garden is to understand what grows well in your region. Depending on the climate where you live, you can combine perennials, annuals, all-season flowers and container gardening to beautify your outdoor space.

Choose combinations of plants that will complement each other each season. A successful four season garden requires an understanding of the best species of plants for your region and when they will best thrive.

Southerners may have climates that allow for more variety and species of plantings; however, all isn’t lost in the north. Northerners can incorporate lush plants with foliage and features that grow well in cooler climates.

Keep detailed notes on what plants are planted where and their peak bloom date, along with pruning and care information. You can even use an online planner to keep photos of each plant.

Container Gardens in Year Round Garden Planning

Year Round Garden Containers

If you live in a cooler climate, container gardens can be a great option for adding interest and color throughout the year. Containers can display evergreens and annuals in a beautiful display. Combining bulbs of spring and fall plants in a container can create a mix that provides beautiful flowers well into the cooler season.

Check out some of our Beautiful Year Round Garden Containers:

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