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Chicago Rooftop Decks: Best Gardening Tips from the Roof Deck Pros

Chicago Rooftop Decks - Roof Deck Design & Construction
Consider these Chicago rooftop decks pro gardening tips when planning the design of your rooftop deck in Chicago. Read on for tips & tricks.

Chicago rooftop decks give homeowners and business patrons an astonishing view of the Windy City! The skyline, the buildings, the lights of the city. There is no better way to take in this breathtaking view than from your rooftop deck. Consider these helpful gardening tips when planning your Chicago rooftop decks.

1. Plant Carefully

A rooftop deck garden has different needs than a conventional one. It can be more subjected to the elements: wind, sun and rain. The wind may shred certain plants, the sun can be harsh as the roof may be full sun all day, or worse, the roof may be in the shade of other buildings all day. How’s the rain drainage? Does the water pool up? Take a few hours and explore the conditions of your Chicago rooftop decks to determine if there are environmental factors that may enhance or prohibit the successful growth of certain plants. Then choose plants, trees, and shrubs accordingly.

2. Space

Choose furniture, plants, and design based on the style and culture you are seeking. Looking to host large gatherings? Add enough seating. Seeking quaint get togethers? Focus on cozy areas around a fire pit. Just need a personal oasis? Utilize water features and relaxing furniture options. Even a small rooftop can appear larger by utilizing open space in the design. Botanical Concept Designs Chicago can help with your rooftop deck design to best utilize your space to meet your personal requirements.

3. Roof Deck Lighting

To set the mood, add lighting to your Chicago roof deck. It’s always a good idea to have your entrance and stairways well lit, but adding mood lighting around the deck or patio will set the stage for an amazing evening. String lights look beautiful as they twinkle and sway in the dusky, evening air. Solar lights strategically placed in the gardens are always a classic look, as well. Lighting up certain areas and not others is a fantastic way to designate areas of your deck for entertaining and other uses.

Chicago rooftop decks create is an inviting area of any building. With these gardening tips, your rooftop space will be the coveted place in town. Contact us at Botanical Concepts Chicago to discuss how we can help with your rooftop deck design & build!

BCC's Services for Chicago Rooftop Decks

Botanical Concepts Chicago has over 20 years experience planning and building Chicago roof decks. Led by award winning designers Denise Rosenbloom and Bianca Ellis, Botanical Concepts works with each client to create unique designs for small and large Chicago rooftop decks. 

Roof Deck Design

Our team meets with you to assess the rood deck structure, discuss your goals, vision and offer suggestions. The design team will then get to work preparing renderings of your new roof deck.

Roof Deck Construction

Our construction crew will work with the design plans to create your new rooftop deck. From heavy construction to light renovations, our team works to ensure we bring your vision to life.

Roof Deck Maintenance

We'll build and install features to help maintain the beauty and longevity of your Chicago roof deck, but as the seasons change you may want a refresh and we've got you covered.

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