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Building a Complementary Pool Design

Swimming Pool Landscaping

For a cohesive look that will increase the exterior aesthetics of your home, you pool area needs to be carefully planned to complement your house. Gone are the days when a swimming pool was installed without consideration for the entirety of the home’s outdoor space. Today’s homeowners want their outdoor living space to flow seamlessly with their indoor spaces for a pulled-together, cohesive appearance and increased functionality. Below are some tips to help you achieve that harmonious and uninterrupted feel you desire.

Plan at the Same Time

Rather than approaching your outdoor design as an after-thought, keep it in the forefront when planning the layout and design of the entire house. This means discussing the pool area with the contractors, landscape architects and designers when you are planning the interior. Once everyone is on the same page with your vision for the space, these experts will be able to offer ideas and suggestions for utilizing the space and uniting the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

Swimming Pool Design

Location, Location, Location

If your goal is for your pool area to become a part of your home’s living space, be sure to situate it near your house in a place with ample doorways leading to it. Too often, the swimming pool is places in a part of the yard that is cut off from the home, or is too far from decks and patios to feel connected. Your family and guests should be able to quickly and easily walk from the house to the pool without taking a winding path through ill-placed doors. They should also be able to access the swimming pool from a deck or patio area that is attached to the home. If they have to cross a wide swath of grass, the pool is probably too distant for you to achieve the harmonious feel you want.

Carry Through Materials

One of the best ways to unite the interior and exterior parts of your home is to be consistent with the building materials you use. Tile is an excellent example. Decorative tiles can be used inside the home, on floors and walls, or as accents. If you select durable tiles that are also suitable for outdoor use, you can continue these throughout the swimming pool area. In many cases, the tiles can be used as decorative accents in the pool itself. The same is true for lighting fixtures. You can select the same style of lights for your kitchen as you have for your outdoor living space. Similar or complementary colors will also help create that smooth, seamless appearance.

Landscaping Design Pool Design

Soft Surfaces

Don’t overlook the power of soft surfaces for uniting spaces together. Seat cushions, throw pillows, curtains, privacy screens, and more will continue the décor of the interior through the outdoor living space. Even lounge chairs in complementary colors, arranged near the swimming pool, will serve to bring the two areas together.

It’s always a good idea to speak with a landscape designer when planning your pool design. Contact Botanical Concepts Chicago for help.

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